We are more than 'just' an accessory brand. We aspire to make a difference, by means of our sustainable and high-quality products. With the slogan 'Stick Together', we aim for women to stand by each other. Per So-Phi Hairstick that is sold, 1 euro will be directly donated to a well-determined good cause, that focusses on helping women all over the world. A concrete project of a local women's organisation that strives to improve and reinforce the position and overall situation of women globally, that is what So-Phi would like to contribute to. Surf our website and discover what projects we were able to support, thanks to your help.


Their goal, mainly through co-operation, is progressing the economic indenpendence of women. This by amplifying their cause and improving their situation on a legal, political, economic and professional level.

  • By improving healthcare
  • By sensibilitating the world and retaining peace
  • By promoting service projects supporting equal chances for women
  • By encouraging young females in their education, further evolution and granting scholarships.